Presto Park was first founded in 1961 by two Norwich business men, Richard Aldridge and Tony Hayden. The first club was situated above a coffee bar called The Presto Bar in Eastbourne Place, Norwich. The track was 4 lanes approximately 60 ft long and used the original rubber scalextric track of that era.

In 1964 the club moved to another premise again above a cafe and a new 6 lane Scalextric classic track was constructed, the lap being 85 feet.

The Club stayed there for a while and in 1966 moved to a large warehouse behind Valoris Fish Bar in Timberhill, Norwich where a wooden 6 lane, 180 foot track was constructed. The main straight being 36 feet long. The track was regularly visited by the late Colin Chapman of Lotus Racing.

From the warehouse the Club then moved to the Norman Community Centre in Norwich. It moved yet again several times firstly to a British Telecom building where parts of the old wooden track were used but the circuit was a shadow of its former self. From there it moved to above two public houses one in Beccles, the other in Larling, Norfolk.

Its final move was to Kings Lynn where it was reassembled and joined to parts of the old March Mustang track. Mussel Bay closed in 2005, the track being put into storage.

In 2006 Presto Park was reborn, a former 1960's member, Mike Harvey and his wife Averil resurrecting the Club. A new 4 lane Scalextric track was built giving a lap length of 99 feet and a main straight of 22 feet. A new custom built 70ft 4lane track was constructed by Mike in the spring of 2009. In April 2012 the track was extended to 97 feet and relocated to Hevingham, Norfolk.

It is with great plesure that Presto Park welcomed Mr Clive Chapman CEO of Classic Team Lotus as their new Club President in June 2010.